Our gemstones

Every stone is brought from the nature and selected carefully and quality tested before arriving in the hands of our excellent crafters, where the stones are formed to a new life with beauty and brilliance.  

diamond jewelry


The most exclusive and famous stone in earth. All our diamonds are in color scale G and clarity scale VS1. Diamonds arise in many forms and shapes, that is why the details of our diamonds are precisely observed. Details such as color, clarity, proportions, symmetry and shape before being an exclusive product in our collection.

tourmaline jewelry


A stone that has countless significations because of its variety of colors. No other stone comes in more colors and color combination like Tourmaline. Setting up Tourmaline stones upon gold or/and diamonds, results an elegant timeless jewellery.

amethyst jewelry


The most popular variety of quartz. Amethyst has been popular for centuries and studies from Ancient Greece shows that people then used it for protection against intoxication.

emerald jewelry


Emeralds are famous for its beautiful green color, making it one of the most expensive and popular gemstones. Most emeralds have inclusions and are generally accepted as their character. Our emeralds are imported from Colombia, which is the biggest producer in the world.