With decades of experience in jewelry and minerals, we can finally expand and reach the whole world with our products. Our origins are from the middle east, but our base is in Sweden. During 30 years have we continuously visited the Mecca of diamonds and other minerals: Africa.

During all these years there has been a constant interest in jewelry and clean stones. Getting dirty visiting mines or sitting drinking tea in a jewelry store in busy Cairo have always been our passion and spirit. 

After many trials and errors, we have found a way to create fine handcrafted jewelry with minerals that have gone through different quality tests to offer you a timeless piece.

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Our craftsmanship

All of our jewelry is handcrafted by an excellent team who have been working with jewellery for many generations. A team of highly talented jewelers with precise and accurate creation.

Creating timeless pieces requires many hours of work and the entire Feyli Team are on the same page to offer quality jewelry that can be passed on for generations to come.

Quality assurance

All of our products have been quality tested. Different quality tests are used to make sure our customers recieves the finest jewelyr. All material are: 

- Water- & fog tested
- Light tested
- Weight tested
- Inspected with loupe, microscope and thermal conductivity

Feyli Jewel has years of experience and knowledge in valuable material and stones. Combined with modern technology we can assure you authentic and legitimate metals and stones.

Our gemstones

All of our gemstones are carefully selected and quality tested. Every gemstone we have is from the nature and treated as little as possible to keep its natural beauty. Currently our stock involves diamonds, emeralds, tourmalines and amethysts. Read more about our gemstones.