I am Feylî 

My heart is burning, my soul is yearning
The truth about my forefathers, I am now just learning

If it wasn’t for Omran, the kinsman of Walî
I would be still wondering, searching for history
He opened my eyes, uncovered the path
Now I repay my debt, by walking the path

Friends, let me quench your thirst for knowledge
Let ME be the one who shines light upon YOUR passage 

I am Pêlî, the first of my lineage
I am the founder, I am Elam, I am the sire

I am Elamite, I was the central gravity of civilizations
My land Alamtu, the land of the rising sun
I am Kassite, the masters of Babylon
I am Lullu, Highlands my domains
I am Gordoen, the ones who remained when Artaxerxes faltered
I am Gordoen those who Alexander avoided

I am the one who Xenophon frightened
With the stones of my mountains, his army smited 

I am Atbakane khorshidi, the masters of Luristan
I am the one who my highlands defended

I am the one who never faltered
I am Shujaul-din, a chingrudi member
I am the first in my line, I am the ancestor
I am the vanquisher of Surkhab, My might he couldn’t withstand
I am the one who khurshidi kingdom created
I am the one whose back was never bended
A rock for a rock: That was the deal! I never surrendered.

My son Bader against Bayat I directed
With Bader’s might Bayat was conquered

I am Sayfel-din Rustam son of nurel-din Muhammad, I am the just!
During my time Luristan blossomed, wealth was abundant
Let it be known: Under my rule no one ever hungered. 

I am Afrasiab, the one who never surrendered
I am the one who stood my ground when Mongols invaded

It was because of me, Teymor Pushte kuh (Ilam) never conquered

I am Feyli those who ottomans frightened 
I am Zand, the rulers of Persia
I am Karim khan (zand) the pure, who was mighty yet never an oppressor
I am Karim khan (zand) the wise, always just!

I am Abu Qaddare, the father of scimitar
I am Abu Qaddare , the lion, the mighty
I am Abu Qaddare, the defeater of Ottomans
I am the fear pondering in my enemies hearts 

I am Ilami, I am Kirmashani
I am Xanaqini, I am Lurestani

I am Malekshahi, I am züri
I am Ali Sharwan, I am Erkewazi
I am Baharwand, I am Rashno
I am Bayranwand, I am Bakhtiyari
I am Kelhur, I am Lek hizaran
I am Shuhan, I am Dûstan, yari yaran
I am Xizil, I am Eywan
I am Huliylan and Zerdelan

From Luristan to Mandalij
From Kermashan to the shores of Khalij
I represent all the tribes of Feyli
I am Feyli, the seed of civilization. 


Where are you my brothers!?

I might be Kurd, but how come I am not represented in your history?
I might be Kurd, but how come I have no part in your victory?

How come your geography ends with the beginning of my territory?
I might be Kurd, but how come I am treated as a minority?
I might be Kurd, but where were you when I needed thee?

How come when you need me I am called your brother?
How come when you attain high station I am called your neighbour?

We rose up in the midst of our enemy; we gave up our lives for the sake of YOUR victory!
For YOUR sake I was cast out by our common foe, because I was “Ajami”!

Where is my brother who fought for YOUR sake, where is his grave the one that by YOU was forsaken?
Why do you treat my plight with such coldness, As if I was the bastard son of your father?
Is it because of my love and allegiance toward the progeny?

Where are you my brother, where were you when I needed YOU?

I am Feyli, those who rose up when you needed me!
I am Feyli, those who never sold their brothers for a penny!

I am Feyli, those who screams out their kurdishness the loudest!
I am Feyli, I am the one who was abandoned by his brothers!
I am screaming out my pain in agony, I am alone in my state of misery!