I’m Feyli 

No wonder you haven't heard of me

I'm an open sea of hidden history


Allow me to introduce my tale

Let me take off my invisible veil


I'm Ilami, I'm kermanshahi

I'm the clear sky over Mandeli


My soft Luri voice echoes

In the high mountains of Zagros


I’m Malkshay, I’m Ali Sherwan

I represent all the tribes of Luristan


What your eyes see is called Feyli

I've got the Aryan blood running in me


I’m a Kurd with beauty of a dove

The hills of Kurdistan, it’s flying above



A broken winged bird 

Like a rainy storm they broke the door

Grabbed my sons, dragged them on the floor

Green uniforms, big guns

Ugly faces that sickened my guts


At my daughters, dirty they stared

The living flesh out of me, they scared

What is my crime?

You are Feyli with love for an Imam

What is my sin?


You are a Kurd, your words are not heard

Is it my fault that I chose this ground?

To build my house, let it on it stand


Our leader wants you out

Your people, Saddam wants to live without

Please sir, don’t take my child

I beg you, like an animal, don’t be wild


A few hours later, on the borders I was

The murderers didn’t fear God’s laws

Raped my home, killed my sons

Opened my wounds to my bones

Stole my life and my motherly right

Filled my heart with sorrow that night


I was blamed for being a Kurd

A Feyli, a broken winged bird

With no land to specify me

And no country to identify me



A child of war 

Since I opened my eyes, and took a first breath

In everything surrounding me, I saw death


I was given birth to, in a time of war

In a place where hell had opened its door


I learned to walk on a ground that was thirsty for blood

My child hands made castles out of metal smelling mud


I grew older eating spoons of sorrows

From my mental wounds I took out arrows


One sunny day, War decided to take a rest

Little we knew, it didn’t consider itself a guest


It came back and took my mother and little brother

Dragged out their souls one after another


I blamed their death on the people in high places

The ones thinking they were God, could create spaces


I joined the military, I decided to play their game

The chairmen, the power owners that had no shame


Inside the battlegrounded I swam in a blood sea

My eyes witnessed what a human shouldn't see


Brothers in humanity were cutting each other

Scared soldiers that had no say in the matter


My entire existence got sick by the disturbing picture

It wasn’t what I wanted to give my children as a lecture


I threw my gun and buried my knife

The damned things weren’t going to save my life


I went back to where I came from and started to read

Realizing knowledge was the real weapon, the future’s seed


To stop the massacres and build a new nation

To show the world there was hope for the next generation