a Ziggurat built of Elamites.We have an ancient history dating back to when mankind first domesticated wolves, and the story begins 9,000 years before Christ's birth.
Many empires have come and gone over the past millennias and they all had one common denominator, and that is, that each and every one of these kingdoms sprung from the areas known today as Luristan, Ilam, Khuzistan, Kermashan and Hamadan.

One could take Elam as an example, a kingdom which has been incredibly long lived, which retained its identity from 3000 BC right up until when the Arab armies put it under their control, at the end of the 600's. Thus a lifespan of almost 3600 years, which is quite unique in world history.

Kassite, Lullu, Gordoen and others have also had their origin from the above mentioned areas, and anything that might be of interest to the reader is that the Kassites ruled Babylon for a time scale of 400 years (a sustained period of time, and the longest dynasty line in the "Babylonian" dynasties) and that one of the four gates of Babylon carried their name in the form of Kissis. From 1100 century until 1596 Luristan (Luristan and Ilam of today, and other areas at times of expansion) was ruled by the Atabag dynasty. After an abrupt end of this dynasty, began the dynasty of the Walis of Luristan. They ruled until 1927 when the last Wali lost his fiefdom to the central governemnt which was then ruled by the Pahlavis.

Here we will try and tell the story of our forefathers, those great civilization builders and when needed mighty warriors.