ÊL -> Tayife -> Tîre -> MaL

An êL is a coherent group of people living within a contiguous geographic area whose boundaries are formed by natural barriers such as mountains, river, earthworks / land bank, valleys etc.. [Cevad sifi nijad, page 131].
Êl consists of many tayifes that are not necessarily related to each other - in the sense that they have a common ancestor - but its origins can be engendered by political and social circumstances.
An êLs head is called TuşmaL or TujmaL. Each êL comprises of various Tayifes and each Tayife has its own head. They all are subordinated to the êLs TujmaL.



Tayife -> Tîre -> MaL

Each êL is comprised of several tayifes. There are also tayifes not belonging to any specific êL, these count as tayife and not êL. Xizil and Erkewazi are two examples of êL, they consist of 4 and 10 tayife respectively. Each tayife acted independently within their geographic area and its members were only loyal to their tayifes head (keyxuda, Kedxuda or küxa). A tayifes members' loyalty was absolute and they were ready to perform anything for the sake of their tayife.
Just like the êL the tayifes members are not necessarily related to each other, a tayife is merely a social and political construct. [Hişmetullah Tebîbî, page 136]
If a tayifes members have a common ancestor then the tayife is called after its founder, as tayife Bapîrwend. A tayifes name may also originate from the area they are from - in other words the tayife gets its name from the area they originated from - such as tayife Mîme.
It also happens that a tîre from another tayife due to various reasons, seek out another tayife and if accepted by the new tayife it becomes part of it.



Tîre -> MaL

A tire is made up of members who are directly related to each other and have a common ancestor, and named after its founder. Its members are under tayifes patronage and have their fixed places at serdsîr (during the warm periods of the year the clans used to move to cooler areas, so-called serdsîr) and germsîr (during the cold periods of the year the clans used to move to warmer areas, so-called germsîr).

A Tîres head is termed rîş sifîd.




The smallest political and social unit of the clan society. A MaLs head is its father.
Xanwar and Hûz are also used in the same spirit as MaL.